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Interact. React. Act.

Beyond Information Retrieval.

Moonjelly is a unified AI platform that uses machine learning to solve real business problems and unlock workforce productivity.

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Unleash your work potential.

Transform your business processes. Simplifying the complex, while supporting you on every step of the way. A yes and no is all you need to do.

01 Interact.

Engage with sympathy

Self-healing and self-learning. Moonjelly is always there for you. 24/7. Your sidekick, right hand, whatever you want to call it. There to search for an answer, to remind about a meeting, to search vast amounts of data and connect them into something useful. The possibilites are endless.

02 React. 

Know what is happening

Tired of finding out about issues, once it's too late and the damage is done? Moonjelly keeps you up to date on everything important within your responsibility scope. Get alerts about security issues, Transaction Monitoring issues, AML activity, suspicious activity alerts, you name it. This gives you enough time to react and contain the damage.

03 Act.

Turn interactions to actions

Moonjelly doesn't only talk. Moonjelly carries out tasks for you. But don't worry, you always stay in charge. Moonjelly follows your lead, governed by company protocols and policies. So what can it actually do? Generate high-quality reports, check documents for compliance, analyze data and integrate with external systems.


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Choice of LLM

Why stick with one, when we provide you with a marketplace of opensource LLMs to choose from.

Moonjelly Custom AI Model

Bring your Model

Your domain needs specialized AI Systems. We integrate with custom AI models trained on your data.

Moonjelly Cloud icon

Hybrid / cloud / on prem

Your data, your domain, and your cloud. Moonjelly is cloud-agnostic and ready to be deployed in any environment.

Moonjelly communication choice icon

Choice of communiction

Teams, Slack, WhatsApp and more. Moonjelly seamlessly integrates with everyday work routine. 

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Moonjelly pairs GenAI’s interactive ‘mind’ with the ‘body’ it needs to make it whole. 

Grounded in enterprise reality

We are creating trust in AI applications.


When everyone is in charge, no one is in charge.

Policy-based execution. Every action is accountable and auditable with policy-based access management. 


Security of your data means it should not leave your premises.

No compromises on security. Moonjelly controls the LLM deployment and any interactions to and from. 


Without complete ownership or transparency of data used for LLMs the possibility of biasness its huge.   

Biasness is counteracted by Moonjelly through its unique way of identifiying data quality while onboarding custom domains.


LLM only systems, fine-tuned or not is bound to hallucinate.

Our framework ensures LLM is always responding within the given boundaries and known facts.


Without transparency, it is impossible to trust a system and any value it generates

Transparent interactions to actions. A lot happens in a conversation. Moonjelly logs every action and the cause, which can be accessed at any time.

Other AI systems


A day with Moonjelly

efficiency copy.png

Enhanced efficiency

By speeding up processes, improving accuracy, and providing foresight, we'll help put your business at the forefront of innovation.

cost savings.png

Cost savings

There are so many areas where Moonjelly can save your costs, it could fill a book. From automating tasks,  eliminating the need for manual intervention, reducing errors, preventing escalations to allowing your employees to focus on high-value work.

decision making.png

Improved decision-making

Decisions need to be made faster with ever-growing amounts of data. Moonjelly can quickly swift relevant data to advise and inform to make more informed, compliance-aligned, less biased strategic decisions.

customer experience.png

Better customer experience

Customer service that is available at all times, handling each and every query simultaneously with the same compassion and knowledge no matter the language and communication channel.  

human error .png

Reduced human error

Every human makes mistakes. AI limits these errors since it is capable of processing vast amounts of data with unprecedented accuracy while maintaing a steady level of alertness, which lowers the chance of errors and the risk of costly mistakes.

optimize processes.png

Optimize processes

Moonjelly can analyze workflows and identify bottlenecks. By automating repetitive tasks Moonjelly can help streamline your business operations. This not only improves productivity but also reduces operational costs.

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Did Moonjelly spark your interest? Reach out to us to learn more on how Moonjelly can help grow your business. 

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